The 10 Burger Commandments from Burger Nerd

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Published on January 16th, 2014 | by John


Great wisdom from the Burger Nerd on his Top 10 Burger Commandments. Here’s a few additions to his 10 burger commandments:

  1. Do not use frozen beef patties unless a matter of life and death
  2. Don’t let your burgers become meatballs on the grill – shape and put a bit of a dimple in the middle
  3. Doesn’t matter how you cook it as long as you get a good sear on the outside to keep it juicy (see Burger Nerd Commandment #4 about squishing your burger)
  4. Put an egg on your burger at least once. Try it you might like it. Egg cooked however you want it.
  5. Don’t overthink or complicate  - less can be more
  6. Avoid pink slime and anyone that uses it at all cost
  7. Support your local farmers and community – pay an extra few dollars for good ground beef
  8. Eat burgers in moderation aka – Burger a Week
  9. Don’t be afraid of veggie and bean burgers
  10. When your enemy strike you, turn the other cheek and take them out for a burger – friendship will ensue.

Have your own favorite commandment. Let us know!

Thanks, and happy burger eating!


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