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Published on April 1st, 2015 | by John


Wow, we’re a quarter of the way into 2015 already. The good new is I’ve been on pace to easily accomplish a burger a week this year. The bad news is my waistline is an indicator that I need to start running a few extra miles.

The Bub, James Bun - Goldfinger Inspired Burger

The Bub, James Bun – Goldfinger Inspired Burger

The Best Burger News of March

St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, everyone had a hey day for these two events with plenty of takes on tradition and promotions of their special burgers. My favorite was s

Burger Art – Take a look at  these incredible creations (and yes their edible) from 2 French designers that worship our favorite food.

The Worst Burger News of March

Burger King released cologne that smelled like a Whopper.

Just what every lady wants to smell off her man – ‘Gee honey did you just spend the day over a hot greasy grill?’ If I want to smell like a short-order cook, be one. (Just for the record I cooked in a couple of greasy spoons in high school and college so I know this smell well.)

Last but not least, the Feel Good Burger News of March

Band Box Diner

Band Box Diner Minneapolis

When the grill at the Band Box Cafe went kaput, owner Brad Ptacek didn’t have the money to fix it. But when his daughter Bailey Jimenez, launched an online fundraising campaign, customers old and new, pitched in to buy him a new one! It just goes to show you what can happen when a daughter’s love and the public’s desire for local eateries to flourish and survive in today’s environment.





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